Translator Assistant - Computer-assisted translation

This application is tool to help translate documents, subtitles and language files on android platform.

At current time(version 0.5.6, added 29. 10. 2013) are supported:

  • text files(.txt,.docx,.odt)
  • image files (supported by android platform)
  • real time OCR/translation
  • subtitles(.srt)
  • Joomla! language files(.ini)

The translated text is (depends on format) splitted to pieces (for .srt it is by subtitle) and application let you translate them, save the progress, mark the finished ones and generate the new text from original with only finished translations replaced.

Application use Bing Translate, so there is option for automatic translations. Also you can use Big Huge Thesaurus (only ENG words) to get "fresh" words. (Screenshots taken from 0.5.4)




+ TTS (TextToSpeech) source text and translated text

+ Saving translated text into audio file

+ Bing translate - Urdu, Malay, Persian, Hmong Daw

+ Dialog/message fixes, small adjustments


+ Tesseract-ocr fixed bug with language preferences

+ Small language preferences indication - text


+ Tesseract-ocr has own Activity

+ Zooming images (preview and upsampling to better ocr result)

+ TTS (TextToSpeech) API used for translated texts

+ Saving input text (after OCR/editing)


+ Can open .bmp and .jp(e)g files with tesseract-ocr

+ Downloading tesseract data on demand

+ Preferences for tesseract language


+ Can open .odt files (only text, xml based)

+ More accurate sentence splitting (not perfect but better)

+ Send result by email

+ Preference for end of line - Windows CRLF/Linux LF


+ Can open .docx (only text)

+ Progress dialog for open/save file

+ Go to position (menu option)

+ Theaseurus (Big Huge Thesaurus - ENG only)

For loading/saving files for translation is used Andexplorer intend. (So if you wanna work with files you need Andexplorer installed.)

AndExplorer is a free file manager for Android devices. It allows browsing files and folders stored on device and sdcard. It can sort by name, size and date. Copy/Paste, rename, delete, create folder, send file as email attachment features are available. It is able to uncompress ZIP, GZIP and TAR files too. Encrypted ZIP are supported. It can be called from another application through Intent facilities. No permission other than storage/write one is needed. AndExplorerPro provides search and ZIP archive support.

Planed features (to implement):

  • android language files
  • experimental tts visualization

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Quick how to use:


First you have to choose type of translation (to correct splitting in pieces). You can open a file, copy from clipboard ar manualy write (or speak - Google service) text to translate. Files encoding is autodetected, depends on size of file it loads for a while. Hit the Translate button. Another option is load image and use OCR to get text. (Text can be also read aloud before you start translating process.)


Text is now splitted in pieces so you can start translate - just write the translated text and confirm when translation of piece is done (you can revert this later and also save translation without confirming). If you wanna use Bing button you have to be connected to network and have selected used languages in preferences. The progress bar bottom inform you about status of translation. Navigating between pieces is one by one, also you can jump on next/previous not confirmed one or go to position number. Reload option is for case you want load last saved translation of actual piece. Select Theasaurus option if you want find words in thesaurus (Big Huge Thesaurus(ENG)).


When you are done with translation choose option Show result to get translated text - only confirmed pieces are replaced, rest remains in original language. (Same as for loading files -  it can take a while.


You can save result as text file (in preferences you can choose Windows/Linux end of line), audio file, read aloud (TTS), email it or copy to clipboard. Also you can start new translation.


Application save actual state if closed or killed but only slightly tested so if anythyng goes wrong just email me.


More info will be provided later. If you are interested leave me a comment bellow or send me a email.

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